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The play opens on the campuses of Harvard, Princeton and U-Penn as new MBA candidates Ken DeWitt, Barbara Dahl and Chad Harris interview for coveted summer associate positions at the investment bank Davidson, Iverson and Kuhn (We Do It For The Money). On the first day of summer associate orientation, Ken, Barb and Chad meet. Barbara reveals to Ken that banking isn't her dream job, but the independence that the money affords is too good to pass up (Sometimes at Night).

Xavier Onassis, VP of the Generalist's group arrives at orientation and describes what the associates will be doing with their summer (Pyramids of New York). When they get their first assignments, Ken is in a bit over his head and Barbara comes to his aid - explaining how the different methods of valuation help get you the numbers the clients want to see (Reality is Irrelevant). At the first meeting, the Widowmaker, a senior VP, reviews Ken's work and is livid that his grand scheme isn't going to work out - which means the associates have passed their first test. The bankers spend their evening at an adult drinking establishment and discuss the people they've met so far.

The next day brings Project Bambi, a new generic pitch book full of wondrous jargon they hope will entice buyers (Magic Words). Their work leads them to word processing, where we learn from the supervisor that pizza and a good attitude will go a long way (If You Want Your Job Done Right).

The summer ends and the three associated return to their business schools but keep in touch via e-mail. They all get offers to return and find themselves back in an endless stream of endless days at the office (One Hundred Hours).

The night of the company Christmas party, Chad gets a huge overnight job, but the lovely administrative assistant, Jen Natal, convinces him to come up and have a few drinks (Right Now). After the party, Barb and Ken discover that Chad has forgotten about his job and as they pitch in to do the job, discover their latent affection (Office Romance).

Chad stumbles in and interrupts their reverie as Barbara has to leave for a seven-day due diligence trip. She travels to Paris, Dublin, Vilnus, Prague, and Karachi, and the last vest ages of investment banking glitz are worn away (Travel the Globe). As Ken and the Widowmaker spend the weekend working on a project, Ken also realizes that the Widowmaker is what he could end up becoming - and he doesn't like that road.

All is made well by Annual Bonus and Compensation, until they realize that they are all making the same money and are just cogs in the investment banking machine. On a recruiting trip to Harvard, as the romantic perfume of hotel rooms fills the heads of Barb and Ken, Barbara reveals that she has accepted an offer with a Real Estate Investment firm.

Turns out the timing of Barb's new job is quite fortuitous as DIK initiates layoffs - that include Ken and Chad. Ironically, Barbara is the one person in her class that the firm wants to keep, and VP Marge Innovera tries to talk her into staying (Just the Same Shit).

But they're all leaving, not sure exactly where they are going, but wiser for their experience. They now realize that life is more than money and that they (and we) should consider closely how we spend the precious, irreplaceable moments of our life. (That Was My Life).